This is a Concept

VERDANT This is a Concept - 440ml

  • ABV: 8.0 %
  • Brewery: VERDANT
  • Origin: Falmouth, Cornwall, England
  • Unit Size: 440ml

Product Details

Once again we ride the learning curve that is perfecting a perfect West Coast DIPA. A blend of yeasts offer the foundation to our latest attempt: both highly attenuate, one is clean and classic for the style and one throws peachy esters - both let hops shine! Old school US hops and elevated bitterness combine to create a highly drinkable yet assertive double IPA. Aroma is dank hop pellets, flavour is all pithy citrus, ABV is 8%.

We upped the hot side bitterness significantly for this brew, and we centrifuged the beer prior to dry hopping. This resulted in crystal clear beer being transferred onto the hops. We then recirculated the bright beer to homogenise with the hops before centrifuging again ready for packaging. The beer is very hazy - which is a surprise! That haze is all hop derived, no yeast or protein...just a hop haze. Most importantly, we think it tastes great.

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