CLOUDWATER BREW CO The Interior Life and The External World

CLOUDWATER BREW CO The Interior Life and The External World - 440ml

  • ABV: 5.0 %
  • Origin: Manchester, England
  • Unit Size: 440ml

Product Details

Nestled within the confines of our brewery lies a beloved creation that we simply cannot get enough of. Its moniker is as unique as the taste that it brings forth. Allow us to introduce to you our dearest 'Bird God'.

This DDH Pale was birthed in the fiery pits of April 2020, a time where the world yearned for comfort and something to hold on to. And lo and behold, our 'Bird God' made its way to the forefront, eliciting sighs of joy from drinkers and members of our team alike.

We took Citra and Motueka hops and mixed them with Kveik yeast, birthing a flavor so exquisite that one might question the authenticity of its birth. It boasts of a vibrancy that only the most tropical of places can rival, and a smoothness that belies the fact that it is an alcoholic beverage.

As you take that first sip, brace yourself for an explosion of taste that will have your senses reeling. You will taste hints of fruits that have long been lost to time and space, coupled with a hoppy tang that only the most skilled of brewmasters can muster. You will be enthralled, enraptured and thoroughly satisfied with the magic that lies within our 'Bird God'.

Join us as we raise our glasses in celebration of a brew that is more than just a beverage, it's a creation that speaks to the heart of all those who taste it. Here's to the 'Bird God' - may it reign supreme forevermore.




Founded in 2014, we brewed our first beers on February 14th 2015. In our short history, we have made hundreds of different beers, in styles old and new, classical and imagined, evolving our brewing skills, honing our sensory evaluation techniques, and trialling fermentation and process changes in pursuit of ever higher-quality beer.

Outside our range of evolving and one-off seasonal beers, we collaborate with some of the world’s best breweries, and we also produce modern takes on classic styles. Though modern beer is our focus, we honour those that trail-blaze around us, and that pioneered before us by a constant focus on quality and innovation.

We are independently owned and directed by our co-founder Paul Jones, and committed to running an ethically conscious, human-centred business, with values that we all hold dear. Our intention is to support and nurture the food, drink and creative communities in Manchester, showcase the passion for innovation and ambition in the North, and help the UK lead the way in honouring tradition whilst pushing boundaries and evolving tastes through modern, seasonal beer.

The future of modern British beer springs forth from our efforts today. You have our word that behind every beer is work to evolve, develop, educate, and ensure the future of the industry and your beer experiences reach the highest highs.

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