Casting Circles

BEAVERTOWN Casting Circles - 375ml

  • ABV: 4.2 %
  • Brewery: BEAVERTOWN
  • Origin: London, England
  • Unit Size: 375ml

Product Details

New to the magical world of Tempus, this is your first step! A real Beavertown – Tempus crossover beer, Casting Circles goes through a transformation in bottle. Juicy and fruit forward this 100% Brettanomyces (or Brett as we call it) fermented IPA, evolves as it ages. A young, fresh Casting Circles will give you bags of hoppy, redcurrant, apricot and melon, but if you let it age and mature - and it will age happily for a couple of years - you’ll get a funky, much more complex beer with rich, sticky pineapple, hay, earthy savoury tones and grapefruit zest bitterness. Buy it in pairs so you can experience both ends of the spectrum as with each passing month, those flavours will change. Add buttermilk fried chicken to experience beer pairing nirvana


- Our mission is to encourage everyone to unleash their creative potential. We believe there’s more to get from life if you open your mind to curiosity. We did it - and we’ve mastered interstellar travel - all on a Tuesday morning.

We're also bringing great beer! From our anytime, easy drinking, classic ‘Neck Oil’ to craft icon ‘Gamma Ray’ and the full flavoured Lupuloid we’re making space for some cosmic taste. Over the nine years since Beavertown began life, we’ve gone from a BBQ joint in Haggerston to now brewing over 90 million pints a year in our new home in Enfield.

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