Buy Augustinerbrau Helles & Edelstof

Looking for the perfect crisp and balanced beer? Look no further than Augustiner Helles! Crafted by the esteemed Augustiner brewery in Munich, this traditional Bavarian lager is brewed using premium-quality ingredients. With its gleaming golden hue, subtle maltiness, and crisp finish, Augustiner Helles is a refreshing delight. Experience the classic, clean taste of Augustiner, crafted using time-honoured German methods.

Augustiner Helles is a light and invigorating beer, ideal for savouring on those sun-drenched summer days. Its refreshing and smooth flavour has garnered Augustiner a loyal following among beer enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, the brewery's Edelstof offers a slightly stronger, fuller-bodied alternative in the export style. Keep an eye out for other brewery specials that make occasional appearances.

Augustiner Helles exemplifies the meticulous brewing techniques employed by Augustiner, including traditional methods such as decoction brewing, where a portion of the mash is withdrawn, boiled, and then returned to the main mash to raise its temperature, resulting in a unique depth of flavour and character.

You can also shop for Augustiner beers here - it's the same range, within the German beer section, if you want to browse the range of German beers we have on offer.

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