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Amundsen Brewery is widely recognised as one of the pioneers of the "pastry stout" style, with their acclaimed Dessert In A Can series propelling the style into the spotlight. Their innovative approach to brewing extends beyond stouts to encompass a diverse range of hoppy beers and tantalising sours. Situated in Oslo, they proudly assert their commitment to crafting high-quality craft beers tailored for the non-conformists among us.

At the heart of Oslo, adjacent to Oslo City Hall, lies Amundsen Brewery & Eatery, a hub where beer enthusiasts and food lovers converge to experience their inventive creations firsthand. With a focus on pushing boundaries and challenging convention, Amundsen Brewery continues to redefine the craft beer landscape, inviting all who dare to embrace a taste of the extraordinary.

You can also view Amundsen beer here - it's the same range, displayed alongside other International beer

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