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Established in 1887, 3 Fonteinen originated as a quaint café and geuzestekerij, a haven where the craftsmanship of blending old and new lambics gave birth to the beloved geuze. In 1953, the visionary Gaston De Belder took the helm, elevating the establishment by adding a restaurant to its repertoire. The legacy continued its ascent when, in 1982, Gaston entrusted the reins to his sons, Armand and Guido.

Under their stewardship, 3 Fonteinen blossomed further. In 1998, a significant milestone was reached as the company acquired a brewery installation. This marked a pivotal juncture as it enabled the incorporation of lambic sourced from esteemed breweries such as Boon, Girardin, and Lindemans, alongside their own, in crafting their signature geuze.

Today, 3 Fonteinen stands as a beacon of tradition and excellence, cherished among the select few remaining geuzestekerijen. Its rich history and unwavering commitment to quality ensure its enduring presence in the esteemed lineage of lambic craftsmanship

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