Crak Brewery Mundaka

CRAK BREWERY Mundaka - 400ml

  • ABV: 4.6 %
  • Brewery: CRAK BREWERY
  • Origin: Italy
  • Unit Size: 400ml

Product Details

The American and European hops used blend to release aromas and perfumes with the same violence as the most powerful sinister wave in Europe.

A very drinkable beer. Clear, slim, very fragrant, with a dry and delicately bitter finish. The hops bring back a wave of aromas reminiscent of mandarin , mango , apricot , pineapple , grapefruit and cedar which also return on the palate on a light malted base (delicate shortcrust pastry).

We discovered Mundaka Bay during one of our trips to the Basque Country. It is a clear beach, with crystal clear waters and green hills that plunge straight into the sea: an undisputed paradise for the most experienced surfers. However, if like us you were not there to surf, you will immediately recognize the colors of the iconic beach cabins, from which you can peacefully observe the angry waves and courageous seagulls.




Our revolution is to produce the best beers and offer them at the maximum freshness
CRAK was born as a sound of breaking with the past because buying our system was an epochal turning point for us. We opened the doors of our brewery in 2015, and since that day we have been doing what our Guerrilla® beer urges us to do every day: fight for what we believe in because “everything is possible, you just have to find the right way to go with the means you have”.
Since we are CRAK we have let creativity and the need to experiment guide us in the brewery to produce the best beers possible.
Breaking the rules, experimenting without limits and without fear of taking risks, both in the brewery and in Cantina, sharing ideas and insights even with professionals from the world of chocolate, coffee and spirits.

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