A Taste of Germany Mixed Beer Box 12 Pack

MIXED PACK A Taste of Germany Mixed Beer Box 12 Pack -


  • ABV: 5.0 %
  • Brewery: MIXED PACK
  • Origin: Germany

Product Details

12 German beers representing the best beers brewed in Germany. The actual content of the mixed beer box may vary. In the case of non availability of a particular beer, a similar product will be substituted. %abv shown is an approximate average across the whole pack - some beers are stronger, some weaker.


Schofferhofer Grapefruit 2.5% abv 50cl Can

Bitburger Premium Pils 4.8% abv 50cl Can

Erdinger Hefe Weisse 5.3% abv 50cl Bottle

Jever Pilsner 4.9% abv 50cl Bottle

Bitburger Radler 2.5% abv 50cl Can

Benediktiner Helles 5% abv 50cl Bottle

Einsiedler Weisse 5.2% abv 50cl Bottle

Kostritzer Black Lager 4.8% abv 33cl Bottle

Hofbrau Original 5.1% abv 50cl Bottle

Paulaner Heffe Weisse 5.5% abv 50cl Bottle

Fruh Kolsch 4.8% abv 50cl Bottle

Benediktiner Weiz 5.4% abv Bottle

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